Developed Efficient Practices And A Deep Understanding Of Lawn And Outdoor Spaces Care

Protractor has a unique all-wheel drive and powerful engine giving it excellent traction and maneuverability on slopes and uneven terrain. Protractor is a powerful and versatile compact tractor, built by Ventrac. It is a reliable piece of equipment which we use in various industries, including mowing, landscaping, property maintenance, farming and more.


The Australian team provides our mowing services relating to the maintenance of lawns and outdoor spaces.

With over 25 years of Australian experience, we have developed efficient practices and a deep understanding of lawn and outdoor spaces care.

We have the knowledge about different types of grass, optimal mowing schedules, how to handle various terrains, and the right techniques to keep lawns and outdoor spaces healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, we give professional communication, reliability (e.g., showing up on time), flexibility to accommodate customers' schedules, clear and fair pricing, and excellent after-care service.

We also prioritize safety - for our employees and the properties we work on.

Master Of All Terrain

Why Choose Protractor?


Protractor can be used for a wide range of tasks from mowing to landscaping and much more.

All-Terrain Performance

Protractor is built with all-wheel drive and an articulated frame, allowing it to handle difficult terrains with ease. It's capable of operating at gradients on which standard machinery simply cannot function.

Powerful Engine

Protractor comes equipped with a powerful engine, making it capable of handling heavy-duty tasks efficiently.

Compact Design

Despite its power, Protractor is relatively compact, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces and access areas that others machines cannot.


Protractor's low center of gravity and integrated weight transfer system enchances its stability, making it easier to operate on slopes and uneven terrain when compared to many traditional tractors.

Fire Hazard Reduction

Reducing the amount of vegetation is a critical component of property management. Let us assist you with your preparations each year fire season approaches.


This video highlights each attachment as it works every season and every day.

Each attachment is engineered and constructed to run like a dedicated commercial machine, giving you years of service and tasks done well.

It can easily take hours off of daily tasks, saving labor and money.

Protractor can do the work and heavy lifting, mow in difficult areas, clean up debris, clear out brush and move dirt, dig a trench and do more than you ever imagined.

It is one tractor that transforms into many machines, so let it be your mower, trencher, bucket, blower, sod cutter, grinder, broom, edger, groomer, aerator, loader, blade, or tiller.

Currently Protractor is providing the Wide Area Mower and Flail Mover Attachments.

Exclusive Features

Unlike other providers, Protractor can legally operate at gradients up to 30°.

Arguably the lightest footprint machine currently operating in Australia.

Unique Capacity

It has a unique capacity offering up to 8ft in cut where required with a roller finish.

Gradients Up To 30°

Unlike other providers, Protractor can legally operate at gradients up to 30°.

Light Footprint

Arguably the lightest footprint machine operating in Australia.

Exclusive Feature

Protractor is known for it's mowing capabilities, especially on slopes and uneven terrain.